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UNiCORN E-Academy is proud to announce our in-house training and development vertical for our team members and for anyone who is passionate about this industry. Our main aim to introduce such a one of a kind program is to ensure a standardisation practice and consistency in quality while keeping up with our deliverables. We are here to help you build awareness about the rising needs and complexities in the field of MEP.

It is a “Continuous Education Program” opportunity to help you grow your knowledge, refine your skills and understand the industry grade standard required in order to advance your career.

We believe in growth. We believe in growing as a team. We want to help you help yourself to grow.

The E-Academy covers subjects such as Design Philosophy, Current Trends, Latest By-Laws, Installation Nuances and commissioning of MEP systems. The lessons consist of 350 online and offline modules curated by global industry experts.

Online Learning

At UNiCORN E-Academy we are able to help you gain new knowledge and skills or upgrade your old ones. Learn at home or at the office with our distance and online courses.

Share And Collaborate

Our web-based platform helps you share and collaborate your lessons and knowledge in order to facilitate interactive and varied learning experiences.

Rewatch Lessons

Do you require flexibility in your schedule because of work and family commitments? With the help of our technology, you can rewatch the lessons at your convenience.

How it works

  • You enroll on a subscription model and become a part of our UNiCORN E-Academy family.
  • After filling up the sign-up form, you would be provided with a client login which can be accessed on any device.
  • You can learn, share, collaborate and rewatch all the lessons at your convenience.
  • Construction drawings have QR code to directly enable access to installation videos, material specifications and tips of testing and commissioning.
  • Quarterly activities include site work shops, newsletters covering synopsis on global exhibitions, new solutions, technology and product awareness, changes in statutory guidelines, invitation to seminars and webinars by global industry experts.


We are eager to have you with us in this progression curve.

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